Dining: Classy Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is also known as the Bay in South Africa. This place is one of the largest cities in the south of Africa. The city is home to stunning beaches, an A-plus wildlife destination, interesting museums, and a home to friendly people.

Aside from the beaches and the amazing places that Elizabeth has to offer here, there are also  good restaurants to dine and update on the local taste of the said area. Here are some restaurants in Port Elizabeth that you might want to check out.

Port Elizabeth Food

  1. Ginger Restaurant

Finding fresh fish and or tasty meat dishes? Ginger Restaurant is the place to be. This restaurant has an amazing view of the Port Elizabeth Beachfront and Shark Rock Pier while eating your meal. They also offer classy fine dining experience while looking out to the sea and just chilling. The food here is absolutely worth it. They serve good fusion cuisines that are tasty until the last bite. They also have a good wine list and two thumbs up services that make the place lighter and fun.

  1. Friendly Stanger

Live music by local artists is played here while enjoying your meal. Friendly Stranger is a spectacular place to be at. Delicious and well created meals are being served that makes people coming back for more. They also offer good coffee and amazing breakfast to pair with. The building of the restaurant is said to be one of the oldest in Port Elizabeth because it is made out of cobblestone. They also have crazy menus that are worth trying like their “confused cake” according to travelstart.co.za. the ambiance is intimate and the staff in the restaurant makes you feel special when you avail their products and services here. They also provide the best burgers in town. You would not be disappointed.

  1. Fushin

Many people got the name all wrong, instead of saying, “fush inn,” the right pronunciation to this trendy restaurant is “fusion.” Fushin offers savory and fresh foods that would want you to stay in their restaurant forever. With a long standing reputation that has won lots of awards due to its exotic dishes that are served, you will get to enjoy more in this restaurant. The atmosphere provides both relaxed and sophisticated feeling and the prices are at an equal to the exotic dishes they serve.

  1. Elephant Walk

Offering African ingredients and flavors to continental techniques dishes, Elephant Walk walks the talk. This restaurant has its own garden as well which where they will get some of their supplies from. Also it is situated near hotels and tourist areas so it is very accessible and is a good choice to dine if you are around the area.

Port Elizabeth Seafood

Art Galleries and Museums in Port Elizabeth

Everywhere you go; there are stories to tell and mysteries to unfold. Here in Port Elizabeth, you can rediscover art and the history of the city.

Port Elizabeth Art

Here are some art galleries and museums in Port Elizabeth that you would want to go to and understand the culture and how the city became great.

  1. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum

The evolution of the South African culture can be seen in this Museum. This is an eye-opening experience varying from the British and Oriental art, international printmaking, and art from the locals. According to Southafrica.net, “The museum, features art from across the historical spectrum at its temporary exhibitions.” The gallery has also collected many artworks by well-known South African artist about more than 50 years now.

  1. South African Air Force Museum

This museum showcases aircraft from the 1930’s up to the new ones of today. No entrance fee is charged but there are some fees maybe on the way to the museum. Since the area is an active airfield of the South African Air Force, Identification Documents must be shown especially to tourists and foreigners at all times during the visit.

  1. Volkswagen AutoPavilion

One of the most famous tourist attractions is the Volkswagen AutoPavilion, which showcases Volkswagen cars from the past to the present ones. They also endorse their new technology under their company name and they also have tours without any charge. There are admission fees of course but the children under 16 and the pensioners are half off than regular adults. Many have rated the place as excellent according to TripAdvisor and ranked first in the museums of Port Elizabeth.

A Visit to Port Elizabeth, Your Mini Guide

Port Elizabeth is also known as the Bay in South Africa. This place is one of the largest cities in the south of Africa. The city is home to stunning beaches, an A-plus wildlife destination, interesting museums, and a home to friendly people. The locals also gave a nickname to the city. It’s either the Windy City or the Friendly city that provides good services wherever you go and it is quite windy here.

Port Elizabeth Beaches

Anyway, if you have plans on visiting Port Elizabeth, do not hesitate at all! There are many activities and sites to see that will make your adventure worthwhile.

The city is made for outdoor adventurers. There are good boat cruises available in the area at a fair price. You can also go with scuba diving and feel that sun and feed those fishes. The Donkin Reserve is where you can enjoy the company of birds and walk along the pathways. Feeling in for an opera night? No problem! There is also a near opera house.

Also, there is a lighthouse on the same road and a memorial according to southafrica.net. You can also drop by at the Seaview Predator Park and checkout this cool animal sanctuary just 25 minutes from the said city. Talking about outdoor adventure, what better way to spend it out on Port Elizabeth amazing beaches? There a list of beaches to go here.

Check out Hobie Beach, Kings Beach, Humewood Beach, Denville Beach, and Pollock Beach to get that beach vibe on the right track. You do several things here on their beaches. Fishing, surfing, snorkeling, sailing, and many more are enjoyed by the locals and tourists.

If you prefer to read your book and just lied down on the shore, stop by at Blue Horizon view, Sardinia Bay, Wildside, and many more to get the quite natural atmosphere going.

If you want to find out the culture of Port Elizabeth, go to the Red Location museum and you shall find out what happened during the apartheid movement. Also if you are a Nelson Mandela fan, check out the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum and Prince Alfred’s Guard Memorial.

Actually, there are loads more or tourist destinations here in Port Elizabeth, the mentioned ones above are the highlight! What are you waiting for?